THE HOLISTIC APPROACH TO TREATING ROSACEA:   Rosacea appears to be a systemic (body wide) problem and not just a skin rash.  It is not as much as disease as it is a SYMPTOM of underlying disease that over time, will effect the entire body.  The holistic approach is to help restore the entire body to normalcy and thus end they symptoms you may notice such as the Rosacea.


WHAT IS ROSACEA?:  Rosacea is a facial rash that occurs in middle-aged men and women. It is three times more common in women, but usually more severe in men. Rosacea used to be called  "acne rosacea" but it is different from acne. The red spots and pustules are dome-shaped rather than pointed and there are no blackheads, whiteheads, deep cysts, or lumps. Rosacea affects the cheeks, nose and forehead - rarely, it involves the trunk and upper limbs.


WHAT CAUSES ROSACEA:  The cause of rosacea is not entirely known but many factors have been suspected of influencing it: alcoholism, menopausal and other flushing, a tendency towards seborrhea, local infection, B-vitamin deficiencies and gastrointestinal disorders. Most cases are associated with moderate to severe seborrhea, although in many cases sebum production is not increased. Flushing is prevalent, and migraine headache are three times more common amongst sufferers. It affects people mainly in their 30s and 40s, especially those with fair-skin, blue eyes or of Celtic origin.


SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS:  People with Rosacea have some or all of the following: irritated red eyes, itchy eyes, red rimmed eye lids an enlarged nose (over time),  facial burning and tingling,  visible veins on the faces,  facial flushing (butterfly rash), darkened skin over the cheek area.




    Vitamin "C: and  Grape Seed Extract:  Dr Geoffrey Nase is an American doctor and rosacea sufferer who has spent five years investigating natural remedies. He recommends sufferers take a form of antioxidant vitamin C called Ester C, plus grape seed extract. This combination has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and will work to strengthen the blood vessel walls and decreases swelling of the affected areas. If you weigh under 150lb, work up to 1,000mg of Ester C and 200mg of grape seed extract, three times a day. Over this weight, aim for 2,000mg of Ester C and 200mg of grape seed extract. (Be warned: high doses of vitamin "c" begun suddenly,  can cause temporary diarrhea so build up to this dosage little by little to let your body acclimate).

    COD LIVER OIL:  Nordic Naturals  Cod Liver Oil is an excellent oil for replacing the poorly absorbed and irritating oils with an anti-Inflammatory one. I recommend this brand because of the vastly superior quality and excellent taste. Please try to find this brand and take 1 teaspoon / day.  It takes about 90 days to make a difference.



    PANCREATIC LIPASE ENZYME:  These supplements help absorb and process oils and over time appear to reduce redness for many sufferers.

    PROBIOTICS:  Probiotics enhance digestion, which seems to be a problem for many with Rosacea. Here again a quality product is very important. This should be taken once or twice daily.


 THINGS TO AVOID:  Alcoholic beverages,  caffeine and coffee, spicy foods that causes flushing, sugars in all forms,  fried foods, dairy products (especially non-organic that universally contain hormones added to animal food).  A diet heigh in carbohydrates often promotes digestive problems so reduce: sugars, baked products, grains and fruits and eliminate sweets.


  PRESERVATIVES:  Most of us consume processed,  canned or otherwise preserved products on a regular basis with little or no thought to the chemical that are being added to our bodies.  Over time,  the preservatives that we are told keeps our food fresh,  poisons the natural bacteria in our gastrointestinal system that keeps us healthy.  When these bacteria die off they are replaced by toxic bacteria that are hard to get rid of.  AVOID ... preservatives in your food. By fresh products whenever possible.  If you like products like pickles, sauerkraut and   yogurt,  these are excellent sources of natural bacteria if they are Unpreserved.  Unlike chemically treated foods, these foods dating back to biblical times, replenish our natural beneficial bacteria.  They are preserved by the "good" bacteria that ferments them and protects them.